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At COMPUTEX Taipei 2018, Intel will showcase how the company is powering the future of computing, connectivity and communications through advanced innovations in client computing, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and 5G network transformation. Intel also will take the stage at COMPUTEX. We invite you to join Gregory Bryant as he presents the opening keynote and discusses Intel’s strategy to deliver devices to help people focus, create and connect in more meaningful ways. COMPUTEX is June 5-9 in Taipei, Taiwan.


Intel Keynote

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Event Images


  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-01
  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-02
  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-03
  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-04
  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-05
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  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-09
  • Gregory Bryant, Intel senior vice president and general manager
  • Gregory Bryant announces the newest additions to the 8th Gen In
  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-12
  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-13
  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-14
  • Jeff Meredith, General Manager and Vice-President of Lenovo’s An
  • intel-2018-computex-keynote-16

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Intel Booth Photos

  • In partnership with the world’s leading OEMs, Intel will deliver
  • Intelligence will be integral to the modern, adaptable PC experi
  • Intel-Computex-Open-House-3
  • A portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD allows creators to capture several
  • Intel-Computex-Open-House-5

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Product Images

  • 8086-old-8086k-new
  • A photo of the Intel 8086k processor packaging( Credit: Intel Corporation)
  • A photo of the Intel 8086k processor. (Credit: Intel Corporation)
  • dt-asus-pc-proart-pa90
  • dt-asus-zen-27-aio
  • dt-corsair-pro1
  • dt-hp-envy-34
  • dt-msi-tridentx
  • ssd905p-m2-beauty2

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A History of PC Innovation (Infographic)

History PC Innovation 2

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