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Teaming up with MGM Television Group and Digital President Mark Burnett, Intel presents America’s Greatest Makers, a new reality competition in which inventors compete for a $1 million grand prize by creating wearable technology and smart, connected consumer devices using the Intel® Curie™ module.  Premiering on April 5th at 9pm ET/PT on TBS follow the 24 diverse teams as they present their innovations to the judges from fields of entertainment, sports, technology and entrepreneurship.

May 24, 2016 Update: Team Grush was voted the winner and awarded a $1 million prize on the Season 1 finale of the tech reality TV challenge America’s Greatest Makers. The three members of Team Grush invented the interactive digital toothbrush based on their experiences of trying to get their kids to brush. The invention transforms teeth brushing into a series of fun and virtual games, entertaining and motivating children while allowing adults to digitally track brushing habits.

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Chip Shots

Season 1 Final Episode



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Judge Bios


  • Carol Roth
  • Massimo Banzi
  • America’s Greatest Makers: Mayim Bialik
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Brian Krzanich
  • America’s Greatest Makers: Kevin Pereira
  • America’s Greatest Makers: Mike Rowe
  • America’s Greatest Makers: Kevin Pereira
  • America’s Greatest Makers: Massimo Banzi
  • America’s Greatest Makers: Shaquille O’Neal
  • America’s Greatest Makers: Shaquille O’Neal

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Meet the talented female makers of America’s Greatest Makers. They are changing the face of tech.

Meet the brilliant young minds ready to prove that you can always make a difference no matter your age.

Team Photos

  • John Moyhi
  • Team Aseah
  • Team Aurora Dreamphones
  • Team Cat Clutch
  • Team Chroma Color
  • Team Collarator
  • Team Grush
  • Team Hands On
  • Team Herddogg
  • Team Motivate Me
  • Team NWTN
  • Team Povi
  • Team PowerBobber
  • Team SAV3st
  • Team Slap Band
  • Team Tabor
  • Team Tandm
  • Team Telekinesis
  • Team Transfiguration Bustle
  • Team Venn
  • Team Weighitz
  • Team WithMe
  • Zach Vorhies

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Team Bios