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Intel_Atom_processor.jpgComputing power is coming to nearly every kind of electronic device, bringing access to information, online connectivity and entertainment to consumers in new and unexpected places. Intel’s vision is to provide a seamless Internet experience for people across all these new computing devices. Supporting this vision is the Intel® Atom™ processor.

Built from the ground up, the tiny, low-power Intel Atom processor is the technology thread linking devices to the Internet and each other and helping to create a more intelligent and connected world — from smart TVs and high-performance tablets, smart phones and netbooks to connected cars and sensor networks to help control energy costs.

Since its introduction in 2008, the Intel Atom processor has helped drive a wave of device and software innovation around the world. Strengthened by a broad and growing ecosystem, Intel Atom processor-based chips help make it faster and more affordable for device manufacturers, software developers and service providers to build and deploy a range of products, services and applications that will provide users with an endless array of choices for years to come.

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