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Front of Intel's HQ

Santa Clara is home to Intel’s corporate headquarters and the Intel Museum, which showcases more than 40 years of Intel innovations. The Santa Clara site is also involved in engineering, design, research and development, and software engineering, and houses several corporate organizations, including sales and marketing, legal, supply network, and human resources. Download High Resolution

Exterior of development labs at Ronler Acres

Intel’s Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro, Ore. is home to the company’s most advanced research and development for manufacturing. Fabrication facilities (fabs) at Ronler Acres support the development and ramp-up of Intel’s most advanced technologies for high-volume manufacturing. Download High Resolution

Interior of Fab 32

Intel’s wafer fabrication facilities in Chandler, Ariz. were recently converted to high-volume 14-nanometer processes, supporting a wide range of high-performance to low-power products including servers, personal computing devices and others for the Internet of Things. Download High Resolution

Inside customer's data center

Data centers provide IT and cloud-based services to fuel innovation and provide competitive advantage for businesses and organizations worldwide. Intel provides customers hardware and other resources to provide significant IT agility, flexibility and adaptability through systems that are efficient, simplified, secure and based on open standards. Download High Resolution