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The Intel® Compute Card brings the power of computing and connectivity to virtually any product, anywhere. Coming mid-2017, the Intel Compute Card possesses an elegantly simple and portable design, making it easy to install, maintain and upgrade.




Photo gallery:

  • s-Intel-Compute-Card-w-Dock
  • s-Intel-Compute-Card-Dock-2
  • s-Intel-Compute-Card-Dock-1
  • s-Intel-Compute-Card-6
  • s-Intel-Compute-Card-5
  • s-Intel-Compute-Card-4
  • s-Intel-Compute-Card-3
  • s-Intel-Compute-Card-2
  • s-Intel-Compute-Card-1

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Video gallery:

  • Intel Compute Card: Transforming the World
  • Introducing the Intel Compute Card
  • Intel Compute Card (B-roll)

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