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Intel Developer Forum (IDF) San Francisco 2012

In its 15th year, the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) remains the place for Intel Corporation, along with high-tech industry developers, executives, designers and engineers, to come together and share their latest innovations and vision for the future of technology. Guided by the theme, “The Future of Innovation is Wide Open,” this year’s event will demonstrate how developers can take advantage of the latest innovations in hardware, software and services to help enable the best user experiences on Intel® architecture — from the cloud to devices.

Latest Highlights

Justin Rattner – Vice President

Day 3

Intel Developer Forum 2012 Keynote – Justin Rattner

Renée James – Senior Vice President

Day 2

Intel Developer Forum 2012 Keynote – Renée James

David Perlmutter – Executive Vice President

Day 1

Intel Developer Forum 2012 Keynote – Dadi Perlmutter

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Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

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Day 1


Day 2

Day 1


Day 2

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Chip Shots

Analysts, Science Fiction authors, Intel Researchers and Intel’s futurist will discuss their views and approaches of using science based/science fiction as a kind of tool to explore real world implications and uses of future technologies today. After the discussion selected demos will be highlighted.

Press Materials

Vintage Tomorrow – Images by Byrd McDonald

Vintage-Tomorrow_01.jpg Vintage-Tomorrow_02.jpg Vintage-Tomorrow_03.jpg Vintage-Tomorrow_04.jpg

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