Computing technology is enabling amazing experiences, enhanced productivity, better safety, and improved efficiency for businesses and consumers every day. From cars that recognize drivers to supermarket displays that help shoppers plan dinner menus, computing devices are becoming more connected, more context-aware, and more adaptive to human needs.

These new computing experiences are possible because of a new category of embedded systems called “intelligent systems.” Electronic devices that were once disconnected and served a single purpose have given way to securely managed, intelligent systems that autonomously connect to the internet, execute native or cloud-based applications, and analyze data collected.

Intel is leading the intelligent systems transformation with innovative solutions across the spectrum of computing, from retail and automotive systems to healthcare, manufacturing and communications solutions. Intel-based intelligent systems are already woven into the fabric of our daily lives, ranging from retail kiosks that help shoppers find their favorite products, to intelligent networks that speed deployment of new services and integrate seamlessly and securely with the existing enterprise and telecommunications infrastructure.


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