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Intel® Studios is reimagining the future of content creation with next-gen filmmaking technologies. Our volumetric-capture stage in Los Angeles features a four-story, 10,000-square-foot geodesic dome, outfitted with over 100 high-resolution cameras. Intel Studios, an award-winning immersive media production powerhouse, develops original interactive experiences with full freedom of movement that allow audiences to explore stories like never before.

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soul Soul & Science
Intel® Studios, dedicated to the art of immersive storytelling, partnered with Emmy-winning sports producer John Brenkus to develop the new augmented reality (AR) show, “Soul & Science.” The eight-episode series explores the intangible (soul) and tangible (science) aspects of elite sports performance through the lens of AR.
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ark Queerskins: ARK
Reading a diary left by the estranged son she has lost to AIDS, a Catholic mother (Hadley Boyd) living in rural Missouri finds a way to transcend herself and her grief by imagining him alive and in love. With heart-wrenching performances by Michael DeBartolo and Christopher Vo in volumetric video and the storytelling potential of spatial sound, Queerskins: ARK allows you to enter her imagination and co-create the lovers’ intimate dance through your body position and movements in VR. An Intel® Studios original co-produced with Cloudred.
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here HERE
HERE presents an immersive adaptation of Richard McGuire’s ground-breaking graphic novel. This unique experience is a grand biopic – where the main character is place rather than person. Through volumetric capture and virtual reality technology, we join the myriad characters throughout time who have called this particular room home. Viewers witness the echoes and reverberations of human interactions that ripple through time, connecting with those who have come before, as well as those yet to come. The innovative VR narrative invites audiences to reflect on the nature of human experience across generations. An Intel® Studios original co-produced with 59 Productions.
grease Grease XR
Grease XR is a multi-user, location-based experience directed by Randal Kleiser and inspired by the song, “You’re the one that I want” from the iconic film, GREASE. Users will be able to simultaneously immerse themselves into a three minute live-action performance in augmented reality utilizing mobile tablets. This Intel Studios and Paramount co-production features a volumetric capture of 20 dancers performing four scenes on a table-top. Join Sandy and Danny as they dance at school, the bandstand, a diner and the climactic carnival scene.
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super Superhuman AR
This immersive AR experience brings futuristic K-pop superstars NCT 127 to Austin! Just press play to start your very own private performance of the group’s No. 1 hit single “Superhuman.” A spaceship rises from the depths, bringing you the nine members of NCT 127 in all their heroic live glory. Using your tablet viewer, you can enjoy their iconic choreography from every angle. You’ll even receive a take-home video of your own unique experience to remember and share with your friends. Mixing traditional video and volumetric capture, Superhuman AR is something out of this world! Produced by Intel Studios in collaboration with SM Entertainment.
reggie Reggieverse
Come and be propelled into the world of Multi Dimensional artist Reggie Watts, in a Virtual Reality Volumetric journey where you get close up to real life action like never before. Performed live at Intel Studios in Los Angeles, you’ll have a front row view to experience the genius that is Reggie Watts. Be one of the first to be left in wonder as Watts improvises into his own mind and takes you to his multiverse with never before seen material, blurring the lines between avant-garde, comedy and music. An Intel Studios original.
Additional Productions:
Runnin’ (2019)


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  • Intel Studios features the world’s largest — 10,000 square fe
  • Intel Studios features the world’s largest — 10,000 square fe
  • The machine room at Intel Studios houses Intel-powered servers a
  • The control rooms at Intel Studios provide a dedicated space for
  • The 10,000-square-foot volumetric capture dome inside Intel Stud
  • Intel Studios features the world’s largest — 10,000 square fe
  • Intel Studios features the world’s largest — 10,000 square fe
  • Intel Studios’ 10,000-square-foot geodesic dome in Los Angeles
  • Intel Studios features the world’s largest — 10,000 square fe
  • Intel Studios 10
  • Intel Studios 9
  • Intel Studios 8
  • Intel Studios 7
  • Intel Studios 4
  • Intel Studios 2
  • Intel Studios 1

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