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Today, business is conducted in a fast-paced, on-demand, globally dispersed environment. Maintaining a competitive edge requires cohesive real-time collaboration. Mobile workers, partners, vendors, suppliers, and even customers expect to be able to work together seamlessly, both inside and outside the firewall – anytime, anywhere.

The Intel Unite® solution is a flexible, scalable, wireless collaboration platform that, out of the box, excels across use cases and organizations of all types and sizes, but can also be quickly adapted to address changing needs and approaches to collaboration, educational instruction, and patient consultation in healthcare settings. It allows session participants to easily and more securely share digital content to any display, whether they are on-premises or remote and opens the door to enhanced communication, engagement, ideation, and productivity. A cost-effective, open-platform solution, it is designed to help deliver more security, manageability, and stability, as well as a potentially lower total cost of ownership.

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Total Economic Impact™ of Intel Unite® Solution

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The Intel Unite® Solution: Seamless Collaboration Starts Here

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The Intel Unite Solution – Seamless Collaboration for the Modern World

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