Finding the right laptop to buy can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience for many people. There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the perfect laptop, such as its processor, memory, weight and accessories. Sometimes, prioritizing these features in order to make an informed decision that is within your budget can be difficult. That is why Intel Corporation has put together a laptop buying guide to help people make informed decisions when buying their next laptop.

It’s important to remember that a computer is often the backbone of your daily activities. It may be your source of entertainment, your personal assistant, your confident and your friend. It’s also often your connection to friends and family and the hub of your digital life. When determining what kind of laptop is best for you, a good starting point is to ask yourself “what am I going to do with my computer?” The answer to this question will help determine the answers to the more detailed areas below.

For example, are you going to primarily keep your laptop at home or will it go places with you? This may impact the how highly you prioritize the size and weight of your computer. Do you travel frequently? Again, this may impact your ideal laptop’s size and weight. Do you primarily just surf the Internet and do e-mail, or are you capturing and sharing lots of photos, downloading music and watching videos online? Your answers to these questions could impact the type of processor, amount of RAM, and graphics you choose. In the end, it’s most important to keep in mind your intended use for a laptop, and that will help make the laptop buying process easier. Find additional tips from Intel below.