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Mobileye, an Intel company, and Ordnance Survey, Great Britain’s national mapping agency, are hosting an event on May 7, 2019, in London Stadium at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The event promotes the progress of the companies’ efforts to bring high-precision location data to U.K. agencies and businesses. Mobileye and Ordnance Survey are highlighting new trials to map Britain’s roadside infrastructure and create a detailed dataset that will help the companies deliver a new accurate and customizable location information service.

Fleets of vehicles equipped with Mobileye’s automotive camera-based safety and mapping technology gather information that will serve as a basis for new data and infrastructure asset monitoring services. Across many industries, ranging from energy and infrastructure sectors to emerging tech markets such as connected and autonomous vehicles and 5G, the new services will help better connect businesses and governments – enabling smart cities and safer streets.

Presentations from Neil Ackroyd, Ordnance Survey interim CEO, and Professor Amnon Shashua, Intel senior vice president and Mobileye president and CEO, will describe the transformational potential of mapping innovation for new market segments. The event also features demonstrations of the trials in progress, bringing the companies’ roadside data collection and mapping efforts to life.


Event Presentations

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  • In London on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, Ordnance Survey, Great Britai
  • Vehicles equipped with Mobileye 8 Connect will capture Britain
  • A vehicle retrofitted with Mobileye 8 Connect detects poles and
  • Arrows, traffic signs and poles are detected by a a vehicle retr
  • A vehicle retrofitted with Mobileye 8 Connect detects a construc

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B-Roll Video

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  • Prof. Amnon Shashua – president and CEO of Mobileye, an Intel Company
  • Neil Ackroyd – interim CEO, Ordnance Survey
  • Clive Surman-Wells, operational solutions manager, Northumbrian Water Group
    Biography: Clive has worked at Northumbrian Water for 12 years and is leading the company’s underground asset location initiatives. Clive led NWG’s innovative approach to mapping 15,000 kilometers of sewers in just three years and the establishment of England’s first Moss tree. He is the driving force behind the establishment of a shared underground map of the Northern Powerhouse region. After studying surveying science at Newcastle University and doing a stint as a land surveyor, Clive moved into mainstream IT/IS where he has managed teams for Nissan Yamato, Silentnight Furniture, Mi-King, Philips Components and BA before coming full circle back into the world of GIS.

  • Neil Ackroyd, interim CEO, Ordnance Survey. (Credit: Ordnance Su
  • Clive Surman-Wells, operational solutions manager, Northumbrian
  • Prof. Amnon Shashua, president and CEO of Mobileye, an Intel Com

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