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Neuromorphic computing is a complete rethinking of computer architecture from the bottom up. The goal is to apply the latest insights from neuroscience to create chips that function less like traditional computers and more like the human brain. Neuromorphic systems replicate the way neurons are organized, communicate, and learn at the hardware level. Intel sees it’s Loihi research chip and future neuromorphic processors defining a new model of programmable computing to serve the world’s rising demand for pervasive, intelligent devices.

Intel Labs Day 2020

At Intel Labs Day 2020, Intel spotlighted research initiatives across multiple domains where its researchers are striving for orders of magnitude advancements to shape the next decade of computing. Themed “In Pursuit of 1000X: Disruptive Research for the Next Decade in Computing,” the event featured several emerging areas including integrated photonics, neuromorphic computing, quantum computing, confidential computing and machine programming. Together, these domains represent pioneering efforts to address critical challenges in the future of computing, and Intel’s leadership role in pursuing breakthroughs to address them.
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  • A close-up photo shows Loihi, Intel’s neuromorphic research ch
  • A close-up shot of an Intel Nahuku board, each of which contains
  • Kapoho Bay is Intel’s codename for a a USB form factor based on
  • One of Intel’s Nahuku boards, each of which contains 8 to 32 I
  • Rachel Gehlhar of Caltech’s AMBER Lab and Terry Stewart of Can
  • Researchers at the 2019 Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Enginee
  • intel-innovator-davies
  • Dr. Richard Uhlig is the managing director of Intel Labs. (Credi
  • Rich Uhlig, managing director of Intel Labs, holds one of Intel
  • Rich Uhlig, managing director of Intel Labs, holds one of Intel
  • Rich Uhlig, managing director of Intel Labs, holds one of Intel

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  • A closer look shows one of the rows within Intel’s latest neur
  • Intel-Pohoiki-Springs-Neuromorphic-3
  • Intel-Pohoiki-Springs-Neuromorphic-4
  • A close-up shows an Intel Nahuku board, each of which contains e

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