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Video: 2019 MWC: Intel Demonstrates the Best of 5G, Networking Technology (B-Roll)

Intel showcases its latest technologies in 5G and networking at Mobile World Congress 2019. Among the demonstrations that span Intel’s full portfolio of network, cloud and client solutions are retail, immersive media and manufacturing. MWC 2019 runs Feb. 25-28, 2019 in Barcelona. Included in this B-Roll video are:

INDUSTRIAL: A smart industrial demo in Intel’s booth at Mobile World Congress 2019 illustrates how computer vision, artificial intelligence and 5G connectivity combine to create a virtual safety cage around robotic arms. If a person enters the “danger zone,” the robot arms shut down, eliminating potential injuries. Intel’s demo showcases OpenVINO, AI detection, network edge intelligence and 5G FlexRAN technologies working together to eliminate injury potential in an industrial setting.

MEDIA: Wearing virtual reality headshets, visitors to Intel’s booth at Mobile World Congress 2019 take in mixed reality experiences. Visitors are immersed in the world of DC Comics tech-savvy Super Hero Batman as he takes on SuperVillain The Scarecrow, or they can experience “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, brought to life with the world’s first multiplayer virtual reality environment over 5G. 5G’s gigabit speeds and ultra-reliable low-latency communications combined with virtualized networks and edge computing enable new immersive media experiences spanning virtual reality/augmented reality, cloud gaming and high-resolution 360-degrees video.

RETAIL: Visitors to Intel’s booth at Mobile World Congress 2019 experience how artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing and computer vision deliver cutting-edge retail experiences anywhere. The self-service solution uses edge computing, Intel Xeon processors, the Intel distribution of OpenVINO toolkit — an AI-driven computer vision software that enables fast and accurate facial recognition — and ties it together using AT&T’s network. By combining AI and Intel-powered edge computing capabilities, the demo show how personalized information can be delivered to shoppers quickly and securely.

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