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Video: Intel Powers First Satellite with AI on Board (B-Roll)

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The FSSCat/Phi-sat-1 satellite is the first satellite with onboard artificial intelligence thanks to its Intel Movidius Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit. Phi-sat-1 uses deep learning to detect and eliminate cloud-covered areas of images captured by its hyperspectral thermal camera, which are not useful for analysis. The satellite thus saves precious bandwidth and provides useful data for earth observation. The cereal box-size satellite will be used to monitor soil moisture — an important variable for agriculture, desertification studies, fire danger index calculation, etc. — and snow and ice extent and thickness in the polar regions, which are fundamental parameters for maritime navigation and for monitoring climate change. Employees at Tyvak International in Turin, Italy, perform pre-launch testing on the FSSCat/Phi-sat-1 satellite. Tyvak tested and integrated the components into the FSSCat/Phi-sat-1 satellite among a consortium supporting the mission, and the satellite was launched successfully into orbit on Sept. 2, 2020. Employees at Tyvak also monitor the performance and location of small satellites from the company’s operation center. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

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