Computer manufacturer CTL is now shipping a tablet equipped with an Adobe Flash video player, HTML5 compatibility, a built-in eReader and 1.3 megapixel camera. Based on the Intel® Atom™ processor N450, the 2goPad SL10 includes impressive multi-tasking and performance capabilities, as well as a rotating swivel touch screen display, Microsoft Windows 7, 2GB of memory and access to millions of apps, all in a rugged design ideal for education, enterprise use and computing on-the-go.

Lenovo and Intel, announced today What’s Your Idea of Fun -- a website filled with exciting contests, unique video and photo sharing tools and information on the latest Idea-branded Lenovo laptops and desktops powered by Intel Core processors. Designed to make the consumers' product selection more simple and informative, the campaign showcases specific performance claims based on real-life consumer usage behavior such as multitasking, MP3 encoding, gaming and more. There is also a section with modified laptops including a diamond studded and flame painted arcade cabinet. Check out the website for more information

If so, and it involves Intel vPro Technology, capture your idea on a video and enter the Intel vPro Technology Innovation Contest. You could win a $4,000 American Express gift card or an Intel Core i5 vPro laptop plus the admiration of fellow innovative thinkers.

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