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This week Intel Capital announced two new investments in Chinese technology companies:, an e-commerce company and NetPosa, a leading digital surveillance system (DSS) provider. In addition to the investment in Netposa, Intel also announced a cooperation agreement with the company to jointly increase hardware and software innovation for DSS products and solutions based on Intel architecture (IA) including Intel® Atom™ and Xeon® processor-based platforms, as well as MeeGo open source operating systems.  Both investments are part of the Intel Capital China Technology Fund II. Since establishing a presence in China, Intel Capital has invested over USD 500 million into more than 90 Chinese technology companies.

This weekend in Anaheim, 30,000 fans will enjoy PC gaming geekdom at Blizzcon 2010.  Intel and Blizzard have worked closely together for years to optimize franchise games such as Starcraft II and World of Warcraft, and this year’s Blizzcon sees over 1500 Intel Core i7 based PCs used by Blizzard for the festivities.  Intel is teaming with Asus to host a rockin’ booth with all kinds of giveaways including blazing-fast Intel Solid State Drives.  Come check us out!

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